Rules and requirements vary depending on the athlete’s sport and competition level. The Medical Exemption Wizard is the best way to understand if, when and to which organization an athlete must submit a TUE application. 

The CCES offers TUE forms for specific medical conditions or therapeutic treatments to help athletes and physicians gather the appropriate medical documentation required for the application.

From the table below, select the appropriate Medical Criteria Checklist and corresponding CCES TUE Form and download both documents. Use the General form and checklist for any medical conditions or therapeutic treatments that do not appear in the list below.

All TUE applications must include a letter from the prescribing physician outlining your condition. This template provides an example: Annex 1: Physician’s Template Letter.

Medical Criteria Checklist


Transgender Athletes

Female Infertility

Intrinsic Sleep Disorders


Renal Transplantation

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Neuropathic Pain

Intravenous Infusion

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Cardiovascular Conditions

Adrenal Insufficiency

Growth Hormone Deficiency

Asthma (inhaled beta-2 agonists)Asthma
Type 1 Diabetes MellitusDiabetes Mellitus
Hypogonadism/Androgen DeficiencyMale hypogonadism

Intravenous Infusion


Medical MarijuanaNeuropathic Pain

Retroactive TUEs

If you qualify for the limited circumstances that allow a TUE to be submitted AFTER treatment has started (see “What is a retroactive TUE?”), you can download the appropriate TUE application form and fill in the [Retroactive] portion.

Medical Review

The CCES will supply you with the form if you are notified that a medical review is being pursued. You are not required to submit anything in the meantime, but you should make sure you know where to find information regarding your medical history.

For more information about medical exemptions:

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