At all times, you should protect yourself against an inadvertent violation:

  • Check all medications and products before taking them to ensure they do not contain banned ingredients.
  • Do not take supplements and if you do, minimize your risk.
  • Always comply with testing requests when you are notified for doping control.
  • Use the chart below to determine what kind of athlete you are for the purposes of anti-doping, and know what responsibilities you have as a result, including whereabouts and medical exemption requirements.
Athletes who:
Are called:
How do I know?
What do I need to do?

Are included in their International Federation’s (IF) Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

IF-RTP athletes

Check with your IF (see WADA’s list of IFs)

Submit whereabouts Apply for TUE if necessary

Meet their International Federation’s (IF) criteria for an international-level athlete and/or compete in any major games event, but are not included in the IF Registered Testing Pool

International-level athletes

If you are competing outside Canada in the near future

Apply for TUE if necessary

Are in the CCES Registered Testing Pool (RTP)

RTP athletes

Check the CCES RTP

Submit whereabouts Apply for TUE if necessary

Are in the CCES National Athlete Pool (NAP)

NAP athletes

Check with your NSO

Apply for TUE if necessary

Are not in a Registered Testing Pool, and compete only in Canada (e.g., junior football, U SPORTS, CCAA, Canada Games)

Domestic athletes or student-athletes

If none of the above

No specific requirements in advance of doping control