You need to submit your quarterly whereabouts information with as complete a three-month location profile as possible. Complete whereabouts information includes, at a minimum, the following:

  • Mailing address - A complete and accurate mailing address for the purpose of formal written correspondence;
  • Overnight accommodation – a full address (physical location) of where you will be staying overnight at the end of a particular day (i.e., home, hotel, or other lodging);
  • Regular activities – time and location for any activity that is conducted as part of a regular schedule or practice (i.e., training, school, or work);
  • Competition - details for your competition schedule (i.e., competition times, location); and
  • 60-minute time slot – N-RTP athletes only.

You may have been informed that you must include one 60-minute time slot between 5:00 a.m. (05:00) and 11 p.m. (23:00) during which you will be available and accessible for testing at a specified location for each day of the quarter. This 60-minute time slot does not limit in any way your obligation to be available for testing at any time or place.

For each whereabouts entry, the following are required:

  • Street number (including apartment number and buzzer number, if applicable)
  • Street name, type and direction (if applicable)
  • Municipality (city, town, etc.)
  • Province/State
  • Postal code/Zip code (if known)
  • Country
  • Dates and times of the day (e.g., “4:00 pm to 6:30 pm”) when you would most likely be found at this address (times are not required for an overnight accommodation)

Where possible, you should also include the above information for each competition or training camp location. All addresses except the mailing address cannot include a PO Box, as athletes cannot be located for testing through a PO Box.

If you don’t have all the information (e.g., competitions or training camps) for the quarter, submit the most accurate information you can to complete the quarter by the filing deadline and update the information as soon as possible. In any case, always ensure you have the upcoming month filled out accurately.

What happens if my schedule changes after I have already submitted my whereabouts information?

The athlete whereabouts program is NOT designed to prevent you from changing your training or personal schedule. However, if there is a change to the information you submitted to the CCES at the beginning of the quarter, you must inform the CCES of that change immediately. This update must be submitted in advance of the change in your schedule, online using ADAMS.

What happens if I don’t submit my whereabouts or neglect to keep it up to date?