If you are no longer competing in sport and have decided to retire, you are not automatically removed from the CCES RTP or NAP.  You will remain in the CCES RTP and/or NAP until the following steps are complete:

  • You sign and submit a Retirement Notification Form.
  • The CCES receives and confirms your form.
  • The CCES informs you that you have been removed from the CCES RTP and/or NAP.

Only at this point will you be relieved of your requirements as a RTP or NAP athlete, such as submitting whereabouts information or completing education.

For further information, please see CADP Rules 5.5.6 and 5.6.

Resuming Competition / Coming Out of Retirement

If you have given notice of retirement to the CCES and then decide you want to resume competing in international or national events, you need to take these steps six months* before returning to competition:

  • Give CCES written notice of your intent to resume competing.
  • Make yourself available for testing.
  • Comply with whereabouts requirements if requested to do so.

For further information, please see CADP Rule 5.6. 

* If a strict application of the six-month written notice rule would be manifestly unfair to the athlete, an exemption can be requested using the CCES Rule 5.6 Exemption Application.