The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES), in partnership with the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), are leading the development of a harmonized policy to ensure the Canadian sport system is prepared to pre-emptively deter and robustly respond to attempts to manipulate competition in Canadian sport. 

Over two years ago, the COC and the CCES partnered to create a policy template to assist the sport community in dealing with the emerging threat of competition manipulation. Following this, a pilot project was established with six NSOs, including badminton, basketball, curling, racquetball, squash and soccer to implement the policy for a period of time. The pilot was designed to learn from the sports and their participants (including athletes) about how the policy operated and the lessons learned.

Building on the pilot project, the COC and the CCES committed to evolving the policy template into one national harmonized set of rules for the sport community that addresses this issue. The rules could then be administered by the CCES on behalf of the sports and be underpinned by comprehensive education. This program would be voluntary in nature and would respond to the growing desire from the sport community for this type of program. A working group consisting of NSOs, MSOs, athletes, and government* came together to work on creating such a national program to combat competition manipulation.

Through numerous meetings, and with the support of Adam Klevinas as Legal Counsel, the group has developed the first draft of what is being called the Canadian Program to Prevent Competition Manipulation (CPPCM).  

The first draft of the CPPCM has been designed to protect against efforts to improperly impact sport competitions by establishing rules and clearly defining violations. It is supported by a consistent scheme of education, enforcement, and sanctions that are applicable to all individuals who are subject to the CPPCM. Comprehensive education is an essential component of the CPPCM and all individuals who are subject to the rules will be required to complete online education annually. It is also fully compliant with the IOC Code on the Prevention of Competition Manipulation.  

At this time, the first draft of the CPPCM does not contemplate funding or resources for its implementation. Once final, it will be made available on a voluntary basis for interested sport organizations to adopt through an appropriate funding arrangement.  

Comments from the entire Canadian sport community are welcome at any point during the consultation period or through a guided input opportunity, such as the webinars that will be hosted by the CCES and the COC in April and May as well as the regional engagement opportunities. The CCES will contact NSOs and MSOs in Calgary, Ottawa, and Toronto in the near future to coordinate a meeting time with your organization should you wish to meet in-person on the dates identified below.

Consultation schedule (all dates in 2024):

  • April 17: Consultation period opens and draft 1 of the CPPCM is distributed for comment
  • April 25: Webinar 1 (English) – Register
  • April 25: Webinar 2 (French) – Register
  • May 15: Webinar 3 (English) – Register
  • May 8: Regional engagement opportunity – Calgary
  • May 30: Regional engagement opportunity – Ottawa
    • When: May 30, 2024, from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.
    • Where: RA Centre in Clark Hall (2451 Riverside Dr., Ottawa, ON K1H 7X7)
    • Registration: Please send an email to [email protected] by May 27, 2024
  • May 21: Regional engagement opportunity – Toronto
  • May 31: Consultation period ends
  • June 20: CPPCM available for adoption

We want to hear from you!

The CCES values the experiences and opinions of the sport community, and we welcome your feedback throughout the consultation processes. If you have comments or questions about the CPPCM, please email [email protected]

Resource Documents

* The working group included representatives from: 

  • AthletesCAN
  • Badminton Canada
  • Canada Basketball
  • Canada Soccer
  • CCES
  • COC
  • Curling Canada
  • Hockey Canada
  • Nordiq Canada
  • Racquetball Canada
  • Speed Skating Canada
  • Sport Canada
  • Squash Canada
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