The role of the chaperone is integral to the success of the doping control officer (DCO) program. Each year over 500 volunteer chaperones are used to assist with the sample collection session. 

Chaperones are trained and authorized by the CCES to carry out specific duties, including:

  • notifying the athlete selected for sample collection;
  • identifying the athlete through various verification methods;
  • reading the athletes their rights and responsibilities;
  • providing the athletes with a selection of sealed beverages to remain hydrated;
  • accompanying and observing the athlete until arrival at the doping control station; and
  • witnessing the provision of the sample where the training qualifies him/her to do so.

All individuals recruited to become chaperones must be trained and authorized by a certified DCO prior to carrying out any doping control related responsibilities. 

Recruitment Process for Chaperones

Many of the chaperones used for doping control are socially connected to the DCOs in their geographic location.  When a DCO is unable to secure a chaperone from their network they will refer to the CCES chaperone database.  This database can be found on the CCES website and can only be accessed by DCOs themselves with the use of a secure username and password.

To be eligible to be trained as a chaperone by a DCO, a person must:

  • be 18 years of age or older;
  • be able to communicate effectively (verbally and in writing) in English and /or French;
  • not have a real or perceived conflict of interest (e.g., involved in the administration of the sport for which testing is being conducted; involved with the personal affairs of or related to an athlete that may be required to provide a sample at the session);
  • be comfortable witnessing the passing of the sample (if necessary);
  • be able to keep an athlete under observation;
  • be able to follow directions or instructions;
  • be respectful and act in a professional manner;
  • be able and willing to deal appropriately with confidential information or issues; and
  • be the same gender as the athlete when witnessing the provision of the sample (if necessary).

If you are interested in working as a volunteer chaperone and adding your name to the CCES chaperone database, email [email protected].  Please include the city you reside in and any other necessary information that will allow a DCO to contact you.