The CCES is an independent, national, not-for-profit, multi-sport organization with a vision of fair, safe, accessible, and inclusive sport for everyone. We believe the fundamental purpose of sport can and should be to make a positive contribution to Canadian society and that ethical sport is the best way to achieve that.

We believe that by intentionally activating True Sport, advocating for ethical sport, and protecting the integrity of sport, we will fulfill our mission and achieve our vision.

Our Mission

To work collaboratively to address unethical behaviours and promote a values-based approach to sport to ensure positive sport experiences for all.

Our Vision

Sport is fair, safe, accessible, and inclusive.

Read our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan to find out more. 


As a not-for-profit organization independent from sport organizations and government, the CCES receives its funding from a variety of sources, including Sport Canada, fee-for-service revenues and grants. The CCES audited financial statements are available in our Annual Report.

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CCES Strategic Plan-2022-2027

This plan reflects the feedback provided through an extensive consultation process and clearly defines our vision for sport in Canada, the role we will play in striving to achieve that vision, and the priorities we have set for the next five years.