As part of our commitment to sport that is fair, safe, accessible, and inclusive, the CCES wants the Canadian sport community to have the knowledge, tools and motivation to practice clean sport and protect themselves from unintentional doping.

The CCES facilitates discussions about clean sport through two core activities: in-person presentations and outreach. These educational offerings can add an informative component to your training camp, national championship or any other event.

In-Person Presentations

In-person presentations introduce and solidify important topics within the Canadian Anti-Doping Program, including the prohibited list, supplements, cannabis in sport, medical exemptions and sample collection procedures.

During these interactive presentations, participants can ask questions and engage in discussion with our trained facilitators to reinforce understanding and make connections between clean sport and their own sport experiences.

Presentation content is organized and adapted to a variety of audiences, including next-generation athletes, varsity athletes, members of national, world cup and Olympic/Paralympic teams, and also athlete support personnel including coaches and parents. Presentations are tailored to address the participants’ specific roles, rights and responsibilities to guide them toward practicing clean sport within their own sport landscape. 

Clean Sport

Consider what it means to have a values-based sport experience, and learn about True Sport. 

Sample Collection

See the process of providing urine and blood samples, from notification through post-session administration.

The Prohibited List

Learn the categories of prohibited substances via Global DRO and discover real-life examples of common medications.


Learn how to manage the risk of using these products, which can be mislabelled, contaminated or contain unlisted prohibited ingredients.

Cannabis in Sport

Be aware of the risks related to cannabis and CBD products. Cannabis is legal in Canada, but it's still prohibited in sport.

Medical Exemptions

Find out about the process of getting an exemption for the use of a prescribed prohibited medication.

Use the request form to request a presentation, or contact us if you have questions.


Our outreach booths encourage athletes, team support staff and family members to engage in discussions about clean sport and access related information and resources. Knowledgeable facilitators are on hand at event and training venues to answer your questions.

You can ask and get answers to many important questions such as:

  • Is this medication or substance prohibited in sport?
  • What is a medical exemption and when would an athlete need one?
  • What is the difference between cannabis and CBD products?
  • Where can I find more information about sample collection?

Facilitators will also direct you to the right online tools and links, provide contact information and demonstrate the use of online resources such as the Global DRO and Medical Exemption Wizard.  

For more information about setting up a booth to help promote and increase awareness of clean sport, email us.

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