The CCES has identified five strategic goals and four strategic priority areas to guide our work over the next five years and beyond. Related key performance indicators will be developed on an annual basis to measure our progress. We believe that by intentionally activating True Sport, advocating for ethical sport, and protecting the integrity of sport, we will fulfill our mission and achieve our vision. 

Our Mission

To work collaboratively to address unethical behaviours and promote a values-based approach to sport to ensure positive sport experiences for all.

Our Vision

Sport is fair, safe, accessible, and inclusive.

Our four strategic priorities

True Sport

Encourage sport participants and stakeholders to embrace True Sport as the approach to activate values-based sport, on and off the field of play.

Competition Manipulation

Lead the creation and implementation of a national program to address competition manipulation that is consistent with the Macolin Convention.

Ethical Sport Leadership

Monitor emerging ethical issues that are identified as threats to Canadian sport, and support stakeholders to respond and develop solutions that address the issues.


Administer the Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP) and contribute to global efforts to protect every athlete’s right to clean sport.

Our five strategic goals

  1. Canadian sport stakeholders, in particular athletes, have a positive sport experience.
    Stakeholders feel the Canadian sport system is fair, safe, accessible, and inclusive, and makes a positive contribution to people and community.
  2. Canadians believe unethical issues in sport are managed effectively and that Canadian sport has integrity.
    Threats to a positive sport experience are identified, assessed, and managed effectively, resulting in reduced incidents.
  3. Canadian sport organizations embrace True Sport as the approach to activate values-based sport on and off the field of play.
    More Canadian sport organizations have integrated True Sport into their organization’s policies, programs, and practices.
  4. The CCES is recognized as a leader, partner, and expert in ethical sport.
    The CCES has enhanced its partnership and collaboration with sport organizations and augmented its research and engagement projects to strengthen the Canadian sport system’s capacity to deal with ethical issues.
  5. CCES stakeholders prioritize ethical sport.
    The CCES has influenced and advocated for stakeholders to adopt policies, programs, and funding to implement True Sport and to fight effectively against unethical behaviours that impact athletes and sport.

Read our 2022-2027 Strategic Plan to understand how our coming years will be supported by our corporate values and commitments, as we move toward our goals -- one measurable outcome at a time.


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