In collaboration with the Public Policy Forum (PPF), the CCES hosted The Values Proposition: Building a Stronger Canada Through Values-Based Sport. The symposium aimed to inform and inspire thinkers, doers and decision makers throughout the Canadian sport community to ensure that values-based sport and the True Sport Principles are embedded in the modus operandi of sport, from playground to podium.

Symposium participants were presented with a challenge: to assess their current engagement with values-based sport, and to make a commitment to advance it within their sphere of influence. Examples of commitments include: 

  • Incorporating values-based sport in funding models,
  • Athlete, coach and officials oaths that address values-based sport,
  • Incorporating values and principles into community sport programs, with guidance from provincial and territorial sport bodies,
  • Management by values training for Canadian sport executives,
  • Intentional integration of the True Sport Principles.

View the Public Policy Forum's webpage for complete information on the symposium and its outcomes.

For more information about values-based sport, please contact [email protected].

Final Report

The final report provides a comprehensive summary of the state of values-based sport in Canada and addresses where to go from here. Read the Final Report (March 2019).

Values Proposition Media Cover

Roundtables Report

In the lead-up to the symposium, the CCES and PPF held five roundtables across Canada. The learnings from the roundtables served as the springboard for further debate and discussion at the national symposium. Read the Roundtables Report (July 2018).

Values Proposition Roundtable Report


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