The CCES, along with Sport Law, have partnered to offer sport leaders a unique executive leadership development retreat. We share a belief that sport system partners must collaborate to develop, empower and strengthen the leadership skills required to support exceptional performance. We believe we must find ways to cultivate a conscious leadership style where values underpin our decisions and guide our behaviours, on and off the field of play.

The Sport Leaders Program is an opportunity for you to experience what it means to shift from reacting to responding, what it means to:

  • listen with all of your senses to explore possibilities, 
  • engage in collaborative conversations, and 
  • lead with integrity. 

Consider this program as a leadership development “boot camp.” The intent is for sport leaders to gain access to new ways of relating to self, others and the world around them.

Leaders will:

  • Learn how to skillfully create an environment with an empowering oversight style;
  • Develop insight into leadership strengths and blind spots;
  • Develop an understanding of natural versus adapted leadership style, its impact on the amount of energy they have and the impact this can have on others;
  • Adopt strategies to ingrain values/ethically-based communication style and practices;
  • Target specific actions to effect change in organizations to enrich formal and informal system culture;
  • Experience tools and approaches to address difficult conversations as well as understand effective behaviours and measures to have in place to find solutions; and
  • Strengthen self-management and self-renewal capacity to support high-performance and a high-standard work environments.

To learn more about the Sport Leaders Program, please contact [email protected].

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