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The knowledge you need to govern with confidence.

Directors can be passionate advocates for the sport organizations they serve. These volunteers and their leadership represent a great hope for sport in Canada that is fair, safe, accessible and inclusive.

Exercising that leadership is not always easy. Boards require Directors who are informed, committed, and have the competencies required to help the organization fulfil its mission. The landscape of sport in Canada is more complex than ever, making it difficult for Directors to acquire the information and skills they need. Directors face constant changes, shifting stakeholder expectations, and may not have the time or experience required to fulfil their fiduciary responsibilities, and as a result, their organization may be exposed to unnecessary risk.

When Directors are equipped with relevant information and practical tips about sport governance, they have the power to foster confidence and bring the positive impact of sport to individuals and communities.

Governance Essentials is a comprehensive, interactive e-learning course that centres the learner’s values, prior knowledge, and experience to create personalized learning outcomes and intentions for their tenure as a Director.


  • Learn on your own terms. The self-directed e-learning can be done from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. You will walk away with practical information that you can use immediately, tips you can share with your colleagues, and a certificate of completion to showcase your commitment to excellence.
  • Engage with highly interactive learning activities. Take your newfound knowledge to the next level by building a set of governance values and connecting what you have learned back to what is most important to you. From practical scenarios to thoughtful questions that require you to reflect on why you are serving as a Director, the learning activities will help you become a more self-aware Director.
  • Focus on you and building your confidence. Go forward to lead your organization in an effective, efficient, and ethical manner. Structured self-assessments help you understand where you started, what you’ve achieved, and where you can grow.
  • Build your skills. Assess your organization’s governance culture, identify conflicts of interest, create a Board agenda, locate statutes of incorporations, respond to crises, and more.
  • Benefit from expert experience. With over 30 years combined experience in sport specific governance, legal and leadership experience, Sport Law brings unparalleled sport-specific expertise to this course. This vast knowledge is elevated by the CCES’s commitment to meaningful, technically sophisticated learning design.
  • Give feedback anytime, anywhere. Feedback tools within the course mean you can tell us when you love something, or don’t love it so much! We are committed to continuous improvement, and you can submit anonymous feedback from any slide in the course.
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Reflect on key questions that brought you to your role as a Director, and where those answers might lead you.

Governance Essentials Screen Shot

Learn about essential concepts of governance, why they are important, and how to implement them. 

Governance Essentials Screen Shot

Look for the link icon to connect concepts to your customized set of governance values throughout the course.

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Consider challenging scenarios and decide how you would respond to misconduct and conflicts of interest.

Governance Essentials Course Screen Shot

Check your understanding with learning activities.

Governance Essentials Course Screen Shot

Generate your own summary of each chapter based on which conclusions you think are the most important.

Governance Essentials Course Screen Shot

Review key questions, log your understanding, and record answers to key questions to create a summary document you can save and take with you when you are done.


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1 seat = access to the course for one individual.

In order to build a shared understanding of governance concepts and improve alignment between different levels of sport organizations, we recommend national and provincial sport organizations consider making the course available for Directors at their member organizations – which is why deep discounts are available for bulk purchases.

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