Management by Values

Management by values is a theory that involves intentionally leveraging an organization's values into how an organization operates at every level. Using this method of management can help guide decision making by "allow[ing] for creative responses to the challenges, issues, and risks associated with an increasingly complex environment" (The Value of Managing by Values, pg. 31).

Traditionally organizations, including sport organizations, have been managed by objective; they do what they need to do to produce a specific output. Research is now showing that this method may no longer be sufficient and with trends moving towards quality, client satisfaction, autonomy, professional responsibility, and working in flat structures, managing by values may need to be introduced in order to increase organizational effectiveness and to remain competitive in the job market (Dolan, S., Garcia, S. Managing by values: Cultural redesign for strategic organizational change at the dawn of the twenty-first century, 2011).

After completing a pilot project on the process of integrating values into day-to-day operations, the CCES has incorporated these learnings into the Risk Management Program, as managing by values is, in itself, a strong component of an effective risk management strategy.

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