Responsible Coaching Movement

The Responsible Coaching Movement is a call to action for sport organizations and coaches to maximize the positive benefits of sport through values-based and principle-driven coaching. Coordinated by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and the Coaching Association of Canada, the Responsible Coaching Movement is a multi-phase, Canada-wide initiative that is the result of ongoing consultations with the Canadian sport community.

In addition to providing athletes with sport-specific skills, coaches are also in a unique and privileged position of power. The movement aims to protect athletes and coaches from unethical and illegal behaviour through the implementation of measures such as the Rule of Two, background screening (e.g. police record checks) and respect and ethics training.

The Responsible Coaching Movement wants coaches to consider how they coach, and not just what they coach. This can be the difference between just a safe sport environment and a sport environment that is safe, yet also fosters positive growth and personal development.

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