Online Learning

The cornerstone of the CCES approach to ethical sport is our responsibility to educate Canadian athletes and their support personnel about their rights and responsibilities.

For elite-level athletes, education is focused on the anti-doping program, including information about banned substances and methods, the sample collection process, and the whereabouts program.

The CCES administers the Canadian Anti-Doping Program on behalf of Canadian athletes. A critical part of this program is ensuring that athletes subject to doping control understand their rights and responsibilities.

The CCES has developed a variety of education tools to keep athletes informed at the highest possible level.

CCES Online Learning

The CCES provides many organizations and groups with customized e-learning programs to maximize the information disseminated to athletes at various levels. Some successful programs include e-learning for U SPORTS, Canadian College Athletic Association (CCAA), Canada Games, North American Indigenous Games, Canadian Hockey League, Hockey Quebec, Football Canada, National Sport Organizations and Registered Testing Pool Athletes, among many others.

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