Ottawa – July 25, 2022 – The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) announced today that its board of directors has called on the Prime Minister of Canada and his Cabinet to take swift and meaningful action to address a crisis in Canadian sport. Athletes from sport after sport have been coming forward with stories of maltreatment, including sexual abuse, harassment, discrimination and racism. Canadians are shocked and disgusted by these allegations, but if we do not change the structure and culture within sport, the abuse in sport will continue.

Only an independent examination of the culture of sport, with a comprehensive mandate and investigatory powers, can get to the root of the problem and recommend the changes needed to create a positive sport culture anchored on the safety and well-being of athletes.

For this reason, the Board of Directors of the CCES are calling for a Commission of Inquiry into the Toxic Culture of Sport in Canada

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The CCES works collaboratively to ensure Canadians have a positive sport experience. Through its programs, the CCES manages unethical issues in sport, protects the integrity of Canadian sport, and promotes True Sport to activate values-based sport on and off the field of play. The CCES is an independent, national, not-for profit organization that is responsible for the administration of the CADP. The CCES acknowledges funding, in part, from the Government of Canada. For more information, visit, follow us on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram.

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