(Ottawa, Ontario – October 15, 2020) – The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) is proud to present the final 2021 Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP) to the Canadian sport community. The 2021 CADP will come into effect on January 1, 2021, ensuring the program’s ongoing compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code (Code).

Canadian national sport organizations must formally adopt the 2021 CADP by December 31, 2020 as a condition of Sport Canada funding. The CCES will provide sport organizations with an adoption package and webinar in the coming weeks to guide the adoption process. The CADP Covenant will also be available for organizations that would like to demonstrate their commitment to clean sport, but don’t have athlete members.

The 2021 versions of the Code and the CADP are the fourth iterations, of both documents, each of which has been an improvement based on the collective experience of anti-doping agencies around the world. While the majority of the changes focus on improvements to make the rules more effective, the CADP fully incorporates the new Athletes’ Anti-Doping Rights Act and commits to upholding the recommended rights outlined within. The CCES is a staunch supporter of the harmonization of global rules, which ensure a level playing field for our athletes no matter where they compete, and of athletes’ right to compete in clean, fair and ethical sport.

The CCES takes the additional step to ensure that the English and French versions of the CADP are equally authoritative.

2021 CADP documents:

“Thank you to everyone who contributed during the CADP consultation process,” said Paul Melia, CCES president and CEO. "The CADP is designed to be athlete centred and to meet the needs of the Canadian sport community, which would not be possible without engagement from individuals and key stakeholder groups.” 

“We appreciate that the CCES has continued to make efforts to involve athletes in its decision making and to keep athletes at the forefront of its policies and position statements,” said Dasha Peregoudova, AthletesCAN President. “While AthletesCAN firmly believes that a lot of work remains to be done from both the independence and athlete rights angles in relation to the international anti-doping movement, Canadian athletes are proud to lend their voice to a leading national anti-doping organization in a challenging environment.” 

Please direct questions about the 2021 CADP to [email protected].

About the CCES

The CCES is an independent, national, not-for profit organization with a responsibility to administer the Canadian Anti-Doping Program. We recognize that true sport can make a great difference for individuals, communities and our country. The CCES acknowledges funding, in part, from the Government of Canada. We are committed to making sport better by working collaboratively to activate a values-based and principle-driven sport system; protecting the integrity of sport from the negative forces of doping and other unethical threats; and advocating for sport that is fair, safe and open to everyone.

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