CCES Statement on Racism and Systemic Discrimination

(Ottawa, Ontario – June 5, 2020) – The CCES adds its voice to the movements against systemic racism and in support of racial equality and justice that are once again in the spotlight following George Floyd’s tragic death at the hands of police in the United States.

We acknowledge that racism is present in Canadian sport. As an international leader in ethical sport, we steadfastly believe that Canadian sport should be rooted in the values of inclusion, safety, fairness and respect, and as a result, we categorically oppose all forms and expressions of racism. We also acknowledge that our organization can do better in this area, and will be actively exploring how we can do so.

The CCES stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We also stand in solidarity with movements in Canada seeking justice for other racialized communities and Indigenous Peoples.

The CCES will continue to advocate for sport in Canada that is fair, safe and open as a means to address both systemic racism and individualized acts of racism in sport. This includes advocating for an independent Safe Sport entity with the authority and responsibility to respond to allegations of racial abuse and harassment in sport. We encourage Canadians to join us in this endeavour by peacefully addressing acts of discrimination in their sport activities.

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