(Ottawa, Ontario – April 25, 2019) – Sport integrity experts are united behind a mission to protect sport and athletes from the risks involved with match manipulation and sport gambling following a ground-breaking two-day symposium in Toronto, Ontario, April 24-25.

Presentations by industry experts illuminated the need for a coordinated Canadian multi-sectoral review mandated to examine the current Canadian laws on sports gambling and determine how they relate to existing and emerging sport integrity-related issues. Experts also emphasized the necessity for agencies to work in partnership in order to eliminate corruption and promote strong measures to protect sport integrity and ensure fair, safe and secure sport environments.

The 2019 Symposium on Match Manipulation and Gambling in Sport, co-hosted by McLaren Global Sport Solutions (MGSS) and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES), brought together more than 100 delegates from interested sectors, including national and international sport, law, regulatory agencies, academia and law enforcement.

Keynote speakers included:

  • Richard H. McLaren, CEO of McLaren Global Sport Solutions 
  • David Howman, Chair of the Board of Directors at the Athletics Integrity Unit
  • Declan Hill, Professor of Investigations, University of New Haven and symposium moderator

For a complete list of speakers, visit ethicalsportsymposium.ca/speakers.


“Match fixing is an existential threat to sport. It can destroy all credibility in a league, yet 90 per cent of fixing is preventable. Canadians need to take action to protect our sport.”

  - Declan Hill, Professor of Investigations, University of New Haven and symposium moderator

“Online gambling is the biggest challenge to the integrity of sport that we are facing today. The impact of it will continue to grow unless we adopt dynamic approaches to eliminate corruption, including new legal frameworks that will protect athletes from the pressures of manipulation. These actions will help to preserve the unpredictable nature of sport that feeds our passion for it.”

  - Richard McLaren, CEO, McLaren Global Sport Solutions

"Sportradar's research estimates that almost $20 billion CAD is annually bet around the world on Canadian sport, with the most popular Canadian-based events attracting as much as $40 million CAD in wagers per game globally. This is a substantial amount, but Canadian sports with the help of other key integrity stakeholders such as the government can mitigate the risk this poses by implementing a strong and robust regulatory and integrity framework. However, they must act fast.”

 -  Andy Cunningham, Director Global Strategy Integrity Services at Sportradar

“Match fixing is a real and current threat to athlete safety. It’s happening in our backyard and it needs to be brought to the forefront. Athletes are ready to play a central role in the development of legislation and policy to address this issue now, before it’s too late.”

  - Ashley LaBrie, AthletesCAN Executive Director

“We see the need for a sport integrity ecosystem that includes the sport sector, law enforcement, government regulators and organizations, gambling operators and integrity experts because it is clear that corruption can only be eliminated through strong partnerships and state-of-the-art approaches.”

  - Paul Melia, CCES president and CEO

For more information about the symposium, please visit ethicalsportsymposium.ca.

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