(Ottawa, Ontario – October 28, 2008) – The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) mourns the loss of the honourable Charles Dubin, an accomplished and respected jurist and a key figure in the history of the fight against doping in sport. In Canada and around the world, Mr. Dubin will be remembered as the man who helped open our eyes to the use of performance-enhancing substances in sport through the 1988 “Dubin Inquiry” and “Dubin Report.” 

“Charles Dubin set out a systematic plan to deal with the problem of doping in sport in Canada, including the establishment of a national, independent, anti-doping organization which is today the CCES,” said Louise Walker, chair of the CCES board of directors. “The World Anti-Doping Code is in fact modelled on much of Mr. Dubin’s plan. Almost 20 years later, thanks to Mr. Dubin’s insights Canadians have a heightened sensitivity to the importance of a level playing field and the role good values play in supporting it.” 

The CCES is an independent, national, non-profit organization. Our mission, to foster ethical sport for all Canadians, is carried out through research, promotion, education, detection and deterrence, as well as through programs and partnerships with other organizations. 

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