Harassment and Abuse

Canadian sport should provide a safe, welcoming, and accessible sport environment, free of harassment, abuse, discrimination and physical punishment. The Federal/Provincial-Territorial Committee for Sport (FPTSC) have identified anti-harassment initiatives as a priority for action in the new Canadian Sport Policy, and NSOs and MSOs are now required to have a policy on abuse and harassment in place to meet federal funding requirements.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Medical Commission Expert Panel issued a Consensus Statement  on Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport stating that “sport organizations in particular, are gatekeepers to safety [in this case, specific to the issues of harassment, abuse and discrimination], and should demonstrate strong leadership in identifying and eradicating these practices. A healthy sport system that empowers athletes can contribute to the prevention of sexual harassment and abuse inside and outside sport.”  

The CCES continues to work with partners to further explore this issue and generate tools and resources to foster a safe and welcoming environment in sport.

Melia's Take: Harassment and Abuse

I'm Paul Melia, President and CEO of the CCES. I’m also a parent, coach, sports fan and player. This blog is written from all those perspectives…

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