True Sport Clean (Untracked)

You can take the modules below in any order. Your progress, however, will not be saved if you leave a module before it’s complete.

A certificate will be issued if you pass the True Sport Clean Quiz – the final module in the untracked version of the course.

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1. Orientation
A brief outline of True Sport Clean and the CCES.

2. Clean Sport Basics 
An explanation of True Sport and the principles upon which we build our definition of good sport.

3. The Prohibited List and Medical Exemptions
Substances that are prohibited in sport, medical exemptions, and minimization of risk.

4. Appearance-Altering and Performance-Enhancing Drugs (AAPEDs)
We know that substances are added to the WADA Prohibited List if they have the potential to enhance performance, if they present a health risk to the athlete, and if their use violates the spirit of sport. This module will look at how some of the most common AAPEDs do all three. We will look at the effects and side-effects of AAPEDs, including health risks; the rules around AAPED misuse; and what we can do to curb the use of AAPEDs in sport.

5. Supplements
Many athletes use supplements, but don’t understand the risks.

6. Doping Control
Notification, rights & responsibilities, modifications to procedures, urine and blood sample collection, paperwork, and analysis and results.

7. Violations and Sanctions
Doping violations, consequences, and reporting.

8. Conclusion
Final thoughts and how to live the True Sport Principles.

9. The True Sport Clean Untracked Quiz
A final quiz to check your knowledge and to issue a certificate.