CCES Supports Decision of Athlete Leaders to Withdraw from WADA Bullying Investigation

(Ottawa, Ontario — April 26, 2019) — The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) acknowledges and supports the decisions announced today by Beckie Scott and Dr. Edwin Moses. Both icons of values-based sport have declined to participate in a so-called investigation commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) into complaints registered months ago by Ms. Scott and Dr. Moses against senior officials within WADA for harassment and intimidation.   

As a strong proponent of sport environments that are free from harassment and abuse, and for the rights of all sport participants to a safe and credible process for any issues of maltreatment to be raised and addressed, the CCES believes the investigation into the allegations of Ms. Scott and Dr. Moses must be credible and beyond reproach. Rigorous systems to ensure independence and transparency in due process are paramount in a safe sport environment. WADA has failed to enshrine these fundamental tenets in the scheme they devised to address the claims of harassment and intimidation by these senior WADA officials. 

Envisioning sport that is fair, safe and open, the CCES calls on WADA to review the process they have devised to investigate the harassment claims and restructure it in order to correct these fatal flaws.