The CCES commissioned several online surveys to determine how Canadians feel about sport and whether it is living up to their expectations. The surveys are representative of the Canadian population. 

The survey questions have remained consistent year over year, though language has been adjusted to accommodate trends and questions regarding current issues have been included. The main survey topics include:

  • Role in community-level sport, including the children in the household,
  • Perceptions of the value of community sport,
  • Overall evaluation of how well community-level sport is performing in the community,
  • Importance of and performance of community sport at realizing the True Sport Principles, and
  • Perceived threats and concerns, including doping.

Download survey reports:

2021 Community Sport Survey (Abacus Data 2021)

Canadian Attitudes Toward Sport (Jenkins 2018)

Canadian Attitudes Toward Sport (Jenkins 2016)

*In case of discrepancy between the English and French documents, defer to the English.

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