2019 Symposium on Match Manipulation and Gambling in Sport

The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport and McLaren Global Sport Solutions Inc. (MGSS) hosted the first-ever Canadian symposium addressing the issues of match manipulation and gambling in sport.

Led by Professor Richard McLaren, O.C., CEO of MGSS, and moderated by Declan Hill, investigative journalist, academic, and international expert on match manipulation in sport, the symposium was organized by three themes with a keynote speaker for each theme, followed by additional presentations, panel discussions, small group discussions and plenary sessions.

The White Paper

Download the White Paper on Match Manipulation & Gambling in Sport

Download the Executive Summary: White Paper on Match Manipulation & Gambling in Sport

Prepared in response to the symposium, a White Paper summarizes the growing issue of match manipulation and gambling and its relevance to sport in Canada at both the amateur and professional levels further to the expert analysis and symposium delegate feedback. This document draws on global and Canadian experts in the subject area, international best practices, publicly available statistics, scholarly research, and delegate perspectives who attended the Symposium.

This White Paper is intended to educate all interested stakeholders about the threats posed by match manipulation and to offer recommendations to mitigate these threats as they relate to the integrity of sport in Canada and our country’s role and reputation in this area on the international stage.

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