Registered Testing Pool

Under the World Anti-Doping Code, each national anti-doping organization must designate a pool of athletes who are subject to the highest level of anti-doping rules. The CCES is responsible for maintaining Canada’s registered testing pool (RTP).

The CCES RTP is made up of Canada’s top athletes and can include athletes who compete at a national and/or international level, athletes who compete in a sport with a higher doping risk, and athletes who receive funding from Sport Canada. Athletes in the CCES RTP are likely to be tested more often, and are required under the Canadian Anti-Doping Program to provide their whereabouts.

The RTP is split into two tiers: National (N-RTP) and General (G-RTP). The main difference between the two levels is in their requirements under the whereabouts program.

Find out if you’re in the CCES RTP. Your national sport organization will also inform you if you are added to this pool.