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To register, an organization must confirm that it agrees with and accepts the provisions below regarding Rights and Responsibilities; Release; Privacy and Confidentiality; Declaration.

By doing so the organization will be added to the CCES’ Adoption Registry. 

Rights and Responsibilities

In consideration of being added to the Adoption Registry, the organization will report to the CCES any sanctions imposed on individuals by the organization as a result of the individual engaging in the prohibited conduct described in the Code.

Pursuant to the Policy, the organization may request from the CCES a list of individuals who have been sanctioned by other organizations for breaching the Code.


The CCES is the Review Authority for the Code and the Policy. The CCES does not specifically implement or enforce the Code or the Policy. The CCES maintains the Adoption Registry and pursuant to the Policy records all individuals who are sanctioned by organizations for breaching the Code. The CCES is not responsible for verifying the accuracy or correctness of information that is provided to it by organizations that adopt the Code and the Policy. All persons and organizations who provide information to the CCES on this web site or seek information from the CCES in connection with the Adoption Registry do so at their own risk and expressly release and save harmless the CCES from any and all claims, losses or damages that may arise, or that they may suffer, whether directly or indirectly, in connection therewith.

Privacy and Consent to Share Information

By registering and agreeing to be listed in the CCES’ Adoption Registry, the information your organization provides to the CCES may be shared with other organizations registered in the Adoption Registry.


Code for Prohibited Conduct Registration

Be sure to complete all steps.

Organization Information
Main Contact Information
Declaration and Acknowledgement

I am the main contact for the organization named above and I can confirm the following with respect to the organization: It has formally adopted all of the 9 points of prohibited conduct precisely as expressed in the Code. The 9 points of prohibited conduct form part of the organization’s governing documents and are binding on all members of the organization. It has in place a procedurally fair discipline and adjudication process that respects the 5 principles of Natural Justice set out in the Code. It has formally adopted the Policy. The Policy forms part of the organization’s governing documents and is binding on all members of the organization. I hereby declare that the organization has complied with all the requirements set out above. I am aware that the organization may be audited to confirm this declaration. Accordingly, I request that the organization be added to the CCES’ Adoption Registry.

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