Our Story

Born out of a landmark merger between the Canadian Centre for Drug-Free Sport and Fair Play Canada, the CCES is founded on the principles of fair play and drug-free sport. We have built upon the solid foundation of these internationally recognized pioneering organizations to create and promote the kind of sport environment Canadians desire and deserve.

Recognizing that Canadians want sport with a conscience, the CCES uses ethical debate to create an environment for meaningful dialogue around the future of sport, based on commonly agreed principles of right and wrong. As the facilitator and elevator of the conscience of Canadian sport, the CCES strives to shape the public consensus of how we should behave when we compete, always recognizing that in a democracy consensus is dynamic. The CCES is one authority in Canada who can publicly protect the value system that will give Canadians the sport they want.

This is the world we live in. Our story explains how we got here and paints a picture of where we can go from here.