Canoe Kayak Canada

Our Vision 

Kayak ClubReflects the long-term aspirations of the association

  • CanoeKayak: A Canadian Sport for families, communities and champions
  • Healthy Club System: Strengthen the quality of the Club system throughout Canada
  • High Performance: Achieve the highest levels of performance across all disciplines
  • The “Canadian” Canoe: Expand the role of the Canadian canoe in sprint racing
  • Leadership: Ensure the systematic development and availability of leadership capacity
  • Organizational Effectiveness: Expand and strengthen the internal resources that ensure the growth of canoe-kayak in Canada

Core Values

Provide fundamental enduring direction

  • Cooperation
  • Athlete Focus
  • Nation Wide
  • Open Communication
  • Excellence

Contact Us

Canoe Kayak Canada
2197 Riverside Drive, Suite 700
Ottawa, Ontario K1H 7X3
Phone: 613-260-1818
Fax: 613-260-51379

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