Negative Behaviours in Pro Sport

Professional sport is a business first and sport second. This means things are accepted and encouraged in pro sport in the name of entertainment that we would not want to see in our community sport system. However, the problem is that while we play community sport, we watch professional sport.

A study done by the Kaisier Family Foundation found that children surveyed believe that it's common for pro-athletes to yell at the referees, resort to trash talk and take cheap shots at their opponents (A National Survey of Kids - and Their Parents - About Famous Athletes as Role Models, 2000). The same majority agreed that it was not uncommon to see the same behaviours from their peers. In this case, do we want children modeling pro-sport behaviours?

It is time for governments to look at regulating the pro sport industry in our country. For example: should we allow pro sport to operate in our country if it is not compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code? 

Should governments also be looking at regulations around online betting in light of continuing accusations of match fixing in many sports? When the economics of cheating creates more financial incentive than winning, you’ve got a problem!

We need to explore the use of government regulation to ensure we have fair, safe and open sport in Canada and to ensure that all sport – including pro sport – supports these values and their underlying principles.

Melia's Take: The Influence of Pro Sport

I'm Paul Melia, President and CEO of the CCES. I’m also a parent, coach, sports fan and player. This blog is written from all those perspectives…

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