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Driven by our mission to make sport better, the CCES has responded to a variety of requests from the sport community to assist in addressing various challenges. The support provided by the CCES is intended to help activate a values-based and principle-driven sport system; advocate for sport that is fair, safe and open; and protect the integrity of sport.

Programs and services offered by the CCES are customizable, confidential and are often part of the core activities for which funding is provided, in whole or in part, by Sport Canada. A modest fee for service option can also be arranged when the service desired is not funded.

Ethics/Governance Consultation and Support

Occasionally, challenges or complex questions arise to which sport organizations do not have experience or a clear path forward. The CCES can assist by consulting on the matter, supporting an approach forward and/or convening an Ethical Issues Review Panel. The Ethical Issues Review Panel can assist by conducting a review process to help the sport organization provide advice to its Board of Directors and CEO in order to help them make informed decisions.

Policy and procedure review and parliamentarian support for annual or special meetings have been areas where sport organizations have also sought assistance from the CCES.
The CCES can assist in this area by identifying and securing appropriate expertise to assist with complex governance challenges.

Program and Operational Review

Sport organizations at all levels often experience challenges in one or more key areas
(e.g. policy, governance, finance, human resources, risk management, legal affairs and communications). The CCES can help identify issues, determine appropriate solutions and address operational challenges that undermine success.


The CCES can help develop or provide customized presentations at meetings, AGMs or events on topics of interest such as True Sport, ethical decision making, match fixing, codes of conduct, management by values and more.

Values Audit and Development

The CCES can help review organizational values, refine existing approaches and craft contemporary values to help your organization achieve its mission. The CCES can assist your organization with managing by values by helping build approaches that put ethical values into practice in daily operations.

Ethical Issues Review Panel

The CCES offers the services of its Ethical Issues Review Panel, an independent group
of experts that will consider issues that arise within your operations and provide advice to your Board of Directors and CEO.


The CCES can assist your sport organization to work through strategic or operational challenges (e.g., Board of Governors issues, disciplinary discussions).

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