Ethics Services

The CCES has expanded the range of services provided to the Canadian sport community. As the custodian of the Canadian Anti-Doping Program, we have gained the trust of the nation’s sport system, and can further fulfill our mission to promote ethical sport for all Canadians by digging deeper into the ethical issues faced in Canadian sport on a regular basis.

All our services are customizable and confidential.

Ethics Consultation

The CCES can provide services on an “on-demand” basis (e.g., ethical issue review/consultation, meeting parliamentarian services).

Program Collaboration

The CCES can collaborate with your sport organization to identify and implement initiatives of mutual benefit (e.g., Club Excellence).


The CCES can provide customized presentations at meetings, AGMs or events on topics of interest, (e.g., True Sport, ethics in sport, developing codes of conduct).

Values Audit

The CCES can help your organization review its values and analyze how they are put into practice in your daily operations.

Ethical Issues Review Panel

The CCES offers the services of its Ethical Issues Review Panel, an independent group of experts that will consider issues that arise within your operations and provide advice to your Board of Directors and CEO.


The CCES can assist your sport organization to work through strategic or operational challenges (e.g., Board of Governors issues, disciplinary discussions).

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