Club Excellence

Good governance is one of the cornerstones of healthy community sport associations and goes hand-in-hand with a values-based, principle-driven community sport system.

NOTICE: The Club Excellence program is currently in a state of transition.

Until recently, the Club Excellence program was led by the Club Excellence Cooperative. In April 2018, the ownership and management of the Club Excellence program was transferred to the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport to better serve and support sport organizations.

During the transition, current members continue to have access to program resources

To learn more about the history of the Club Excellence Cooperative, please visit About Us.

For more information on the Club Excellence program, contact Ariane Lachance-Scantland at

What is Club Excellence?

  • A club development and support program for any and all sports
  • The program provides resources to build capacity at the grassroots level of sport, by meeting a basic set of operating principles

Who is it for?

A holistic program that works at all levels and with all stakeholders in sport:

  • National and provincial/territorial sport governing bodies
  • Sport facilities and municipalities 
  • Community sport organizations (clubs)

National and Provincial/Territorial Sport Governing Bodies

  • Need a club development framework?
  • Spend a lot of time putting out fires with your members?
  • Want to build capacity with your sport’s clubs?
  • Want to increase the awareness of LTAD or LTPD?
  • Don't have the resources to manage a club development system?
  • Create greater alignment with  national and provincial sport organization initiatives?
  • A system to strengthen and build capacity in member clubs

Sport Facilities and Municipalities

Great sport organizations are those that develop strategies on and off the field. As a municipality you have a unique opportunity to help your clubs and associations build capacity to ensure they operate in a fair and transparent manner while using your community facilities.

Club Excellence provides opportunities for municipalities to share the Club Excellence program with their community sport clubs and associations. These services can be delivered in a multi-sport environment, creating an opportunity to "bring local sport clubs together and offer a setting for sharing experiences and networking."

Community Sport Organizations (Clubs) 

  • Want to attract more participants?
  • Spend a lot of time “putting out fires”?
  • Need more volunteers?
  • Concerned about safe sport?

Whether volunteer run or privately owned, the majority of clubs in Canada struggle to find the time and capacity to focus on much beyond day-to-day operations. To be successful not only in delivering quality sport experiences, but also in ensuring a safe sport environment, clubs need to develop a strong risk management framework.