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Welcome to the CCES blog. We’ll be using this platform to share our views on anything and everything related to ethics in sport – from playground to podium. The CCES uses ethical debate to create an environment for meaningful dialogue around the future of sport. We strive to shape the public consensus of how we should behave when we compete, always recognizing that in a democracy, consensus is dynamic. 

The contributors to this blog are the four members of our executive team:

Paul Melia, President and Chief Executive Officer
Doug MacQuarrie, Chief Operating Officer
Karri Dawson, Senior Director, Quality Sport
Jeremy Luke, Senior Director, Sport Integrity

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Running under the Olympic flag

July 30, 2012A lone runner on the boardwalk

“Guor Marial ran for his life to escape a Sudanese child labour camp. Now he will get to run at the Olympics.” (Read the full story at: more

Empty seats in London

July 29, 2012Sparse fans in the stadium

“Early indications are that the empty seats are in accredited seating areas...” so says the London Organizing Committee spokesperson in response to reports that many rows of seats at Olympic venues are sitting empty.

True Sport has seven principles which, when all are included in sport in...Read more

London Blog

July 27, 2012London bridge at night

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are about to begin and so are my London blog posts. These posts will highlight True Sport moments at the Games.

But first, here’s a quick primer on True Sport. True Sport is the seven principles that Canadians have told us they want sport...Read more

How much is too much?

July 24, 2012Various lab beakers and test tubes

With the London Olympic/Paralympic Games about to begin, some people are questioning the amount of money being spent on anti-doping efforts at the Games. Fair question, particularly as the world economy sputters along and public authorities around the world underwrite the lion’s share of anti-...Read more

Sport is never neutral

July 4, 2012Young hockey player practices on an outdoor rink

Late last week I wrote about the BC Minor Hockey coach and the alleged tripping incident in a spring hockey league tournament the previous weekend. If ever there were an incident that illustrates how bad sport does not...Read more

Good sport doesn’t happen by accident, and neither does bad sport

June 29, 2012Flaming Puck

Let’s look at the British Columbia Minor Hockey coach and the alleged tripping incident in a spring hockey league tournament this past weekend. If ever there were an incident that illustrates how bad sport does not happen by accident this is the poster child case study.Read more

Winning isn't everything.

May 2, 2012Basketball team huddles around the coach for instructions

Contrary to the opening observation in John Allemang’s Saturday article in this past weekend’s Globe and Mail, entitled “The Case for Killing the Competition,” I don’t think Canada’s push to own the podium in Vancouver was actually about winning being everything and by extension, the...Read more

The "Good" Penalty

April 24, 2012Hockey stick and puck

Did anyone see the puck the other night in Game 4 between Nashville and Detroit? No? Nor did the referees apparently.

Sometimes in sport, we hear people say that she or he took a “good” penalty. Classic examples of this are the trip on a breakaway in hockey, the intentional foul toward...Read more

A great loss

April 17, 2012A stack of newspapers. Some reading glasses.

I was shocked and filled with a deep sense of loss when I heard the news this morning that Randy Starkman had died. 

Yesterday, Canadian sport lost a true friend and supporter with the sad and sudden death of renowned journalist Randy Starkman. I had the opportunity and privilege to...Read more

Rules are not guidelines

April 10, 2012A hockey player and ref shake hands after the game

The NHL Playoffs are about to begin and so too is the oft-heard refrain, “I hope the refs let them play.” Such is the oddity of the sport of hockey where the rules of the game are, to say the least, very elastic.

This raises the question of what is the purpose of the rules of hockey in...Read more

When sport turns tragic

February 3, 2012A soccer ball on the field

The recent soccer riots in Egypt remind us once again just how vulnerable sport is. While the situation and tragic results of the riots in Port Said seem to be more about political unrest and political regime change in the wake of the “Arab Spring,” they do nevertheless shine a spotlight on...Read more

The World Anti-Doping Code is being revised – have your say

December 6, 2011Stick figure representation of people conversing

How does the World Anti-Doping Code (the Code) affect you? You may not even realize that it does, let alone how it does. In Canada, the Code is brought into force through the Canadian Anti Doping Program (CADP). If your sport organization has adopted the CADP into your rules, then you are...Read more

Losing our way...

November 10, 2011Football field at dusk

The child abuse scandal currently unfolding at Penn State University is an important lesson in the tragic consequences that can result when sport loses its way. What happened to these young boys did not happen on a field of play; but what happened to these young boys most certainly happened in...Read more

Hazing – A misguided, outdated and barbaric ritual

October 27, 2011Hockey ref jersey, whistle and puck

And yet again, another incident of hazing in Canadian sport. This time, it occurred on a Manitoba junior hockey team and thankfully the Manitoba Junior Hockey League has acted swiftly and sternly in response… Or have they?

The nature of the hazing ritual in this instance is not clear....Read more

New sheriff in the NHL

September 23, 2011A hockey puck sits on the ice

There’s a new sheriff in the NHL and so far I like his style. Brendan Shanahan is the new head of discipline and he seems to have brought a refreshingly new approach to his job – apply the rules and make the punishment for rule breakers act as a real deterrent to the rule breaker and to all...Read more

Less emphasis on winning...

July 11, 2011Kicking the soccerball

On the heels of the Canadian women’s soccer team’s disappointing performance at this year’s World Cup in Germany, I read an editorial by Jason de Vos which offered up reasons why he thought the women had not done as well as expected. Here is a link to that editorial:...Read more

Good things...

May 10, 2011A football lays on the grass near a boundary line

Sometimes good things come out of bad situations. Such is the case with the NFL player-management impasse. It appears that in the wake of this work stoppage, the NFL is now taking a serious look at involving the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in the carrying out of their anti-doping program. It...Read more

'Match fixing' fixes nothing

May 6, 2011Closeup image of three gaming dice

Fame and fortune are often cited as two of the most significant extrinsic rewards fuelling doping in sport. One of these two culprits, fortune, is also driving another insidious threat to true sport. That threat is match fixing, driven by gambling on sporting contests. I noticed in today’s news...Read more

Where have all the heroes gone?

April 18, 2011Basketball practice at dawn

I was browsing the newspapers this morning and came across a rare article in the sports section – it was a story about a professional athlete and it wasn’t about doping or violence or greed or gambling. It was actually about an athlete who appears to be an incredibly positive role model. An...Read more

Lose the Battle, Win the War

April 7, 2011A Ski Jumper Soars

In December 2009, a public opinion poll found that 73 per cent of Canadians supported including women’s ski jumping in the Olympics, specifically the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. That month, a group of female ski jumper’s asked the Supreme Court of Canada to rule on the British Columbia Supreme...Read more