A great loss

April 17, 2012
A stack of newspapers. Some reading glasses.

I was shocked and filled with a deep sense of loss when I heard the news this morning that Randy Starkman had died. 

Yesterday, Canadian sport lost a true friend and supporter with the sad and sudden death of renowned journalist Randy Starkman. I had the opportunity and privilege to discuss a range of ethical sport issues with Randy over the years and each time I did, I always came away feeling better for the experience. In a day and age of 10 second sound bites in the media business, Randy was committed to understanding an issue fully and completely. He was an investigative journalist who carried out his work with integrity and passion. He cared deeply about the truth and reporting it accurately.

I suspect Randy could have covered professional sport if he had chosen to – his skills as a journalist certainly put him among the best in the business. But he cared so much about amateur sport, its important role in our lives and the special athletes who commit themselves to being the best in their chosen sport, that he must have chosen not to. And amateur sport in Canada, which struggles for media coverage, could always count on Randy to tell our stories.

In a world where we are often shaken by the unethical behaviour of those in positions of power and influence, Randy stood out as one of the “good guys” – someone you could always count on. Canadian sport will miss Randy Starkman – he was one of a kind.