Canadians with lower incomes and educational attainment have the least access and lowest participation rates in sport as compared to Canadians from other income groups (Conference Board of Canada, 2004). It is not surprising, given the cost of registration and equipment and other barriers to participation in organized sport in Canada.

In Canada, significant disparities exist between the social, economic and cultural opportunities available to marginalized groups.  

For example, newcomers to Canada, who can experience financial stress the first few years after arriving in the country, are experiencing a much more difficult time integrating into their communities today than was the case 20 years ago.  A study done by the Institute for Canadian Citizenship found that the time and cost of participating in sport is a major barrier preventing new Canadian citizens from getting involved, especially at the organized level (ICC, 2014).  This is unfortunate given that the research evidence shows that sport has the ability to bring people of different cultural backgrounds together; it is effective at helping newcomers learn about Canadian culture and allows new citizens to get involved as a member of their community (ICC, 2014).

The CCES believes in sport that is fair, safe and open for everyone.  This includes advocating for more cost friendly models or options for sport participation.

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