Our Brand

In 2010, the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport underwent a strategic planning process to uncover and craft its brand story. Once that story was articulated verbally, it was necessary to bring it to life visually with the creation of a new brand identity for the organization.


The logo at the centre of this new brand identity celebrates the multitude of voices that come together around sport, capturing the energy of open dialogue and spirited debate. Its use of different colours and type sizes reflects the multicultural landscape of Canada and the rich diversity of athletes who play and compete within it. Still, despite their differences, these various graphic elements fit harmoniously together to form the logo as a whole, conveying the convergence of opinions and ideas that results from honest discourse.

Finally, the use of the organization's full name – instead of the CCES acronym – conveys the leadership and authority that people expect from the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport, as it looks to continually inspire the conscience of Canadian sport.