Title Video Presentation
Day 1
Paul Melia
President and CEO, CCES
Rob Koehler
Senior Director, Education & NADO/RADO Relations
An Athlete's Perspective
Beckie Scott
Cross-country skiing athlete
Overview of Global Social Sciencee Research; A Literature Review
Prof Susan Backhouse,
Leeds Beckett University
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Understanding Why Athletes Dope & Framing Research to Inform and Evaluate Education Strategies
Rob Donovan,
Curtin University
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WADA Social Science Overview - Experiences and Challenges
Tony Cunningham,
Manager, Education, WADA
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Day 2
The CCES Approach to Values Based Education
Doug MacQuarrie,
Chief Operating Officer, CCES
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International Federation - Challenges and Approach to Anti-Doping Education
Dave Fiztpatrick
Sport Director, IIHF
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Approach to Information & Prevention - Tobacco Control:Lessons Learned
Rob Cunningham
Canadian Cancer Society
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Guiding and Informing your Education Program -Code and Guidelines
Erin Tedford
Manager, Education, WADA
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How can we develop effective prevention programs? – Evidence Informing Practice Informing Evidence
Trevor LaForce
Education Officer, CCES
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