Dylan receives his due

February 18, 2015
A shot-put ball sits lonely on the boundary line

“It just shows if you listen to your coach and you’re dedicated and you work hard, you can do it clean.” That is what Dylan Armstrong, Canadian shot put bronze medalist at the Beijing Olympics, said this past Sunday at the training center in Kamloops, British Columbia where he trains. He made this statement as he received his bronze medal in a belated ceremony….the Beijing Games were in 2008.

Why did it take so long to award Dylan the medal he deserved? Because it has taken this long to catch Andrei Mikhnevich of Belarus, who beat out Dylan by less than a centimeter in Beijing. Mikhnevich was caught doping. He was eventually found to have had stimulants and steroids in his system during the competition.

Having the medal awarded to its rightful owner is a wonderful ending to the 2008 Olympic Games. Dylan Armstrong is an athlete all Canadians can be proud of!

While it took a long time, and we would have preferred to catch the cheater during the competition, the cheater was caught. This sends an important message to those thinking of cheating by doping: If you choose to dope and think you have gotten away with it – think again. It will be 10 years before you can sleep easy…and a life time of knowing you were a cheater.